Restaurant guests expect to enjoy a satisfying experience without worrying about cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. Pests can quickly ruin that enjoyment, and most critically, put customer health at risk by contaminating food. Steritech wants to help you ensure that your food and guests are safe.

Zero Tolerance® Pest Prevention

Zero Tolerance® is the new benchmark in pest prevention–and you'll only find it with Steritech. It means they do not tolerate pest infestations of any kind, under any circumstances, for any reason. Developed in response to growing public health concerns, Zero Tolerance uses the most innovative products, equipment, and treatment methods to eliminate active infestations within 45 days. Their rigorously trained, expert Service Specialists then implement preventive maintenance programs to combat future pest intrusion. Every program is custom-developed to meet the specific needs of the facility, ensuring that you are getting the right level of protection for your facility.

EcoSensitive® System 

Their proprietary EcoSensitive® System delivers results without the unnecessary or indiscriminant use of pesticides. It's a process that's backed up by the industry's most comprehensive guarantee, because delivering on their promise means that you can deliver on yours.

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