Uber Eats is a delivery platform partnering with 150k+ restaurants in nearly 350 cities around the world. As the #1 Food & Drink app in the App Store, they’re dedicated to delighting millions of customers with reliable delivery at Uber speed.*

Your New Partner For Success

  • Reach new customers. Thousands of Uber Eats users may be searching for food in your area. Uber Eats will help you reach them.
  • Deliver at Uber speed.  With average delivery times around 30 minutes, Uber Eats delights your customers with fast, reliable delivery.**
  • Manage it all with ease.  A network of active delivery partners, Uber Eats support team, restaurant software, and more are at your fingertips.

How It Works

  • Customers order through their Uber Eats app.
  • Your restaurant accepts and prepares the order.
  • Delivery partners pick up and deliver the orders. That’s it!

Special Offer - Sign up to Take Advantage of These Valuable Benefits

  • Reduced Customer Pick Up rates to 0% to help restaurants (typically 15%)
  • In-app, email, and push marketing campaigns to drive demand to local, independent restaurants.
  • Daily payouts to all restaurants.
  • Bring Your Own Device set up for faster on-boarding.

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