Performance Foodservice has partnered with Omnivore to offer a Marketplace - the single source for linking the technology systems restaurants depend on to most major Point of Sale (POS) systems. Discover, vet, test and deploy the best digital technologies for the front of house, back of house and outside the four walls.

Omnivore empowers restaurant brands to digitize their guest and operational experience in a meaningful and sustainable way. They deliver an end-to-end suite of solutions built on data and insights that help optimize the essential elements of the digital restaurant experience: online ordering, pay at table, 3rd party delivery, kiosk/digital menu, reservations, loyalty, inventory, labor and analytics. All of these solutions completely integrate into the restaurant POS system for operational efficiency, future agility and leveraging of data.

Omnivore enables restaurants to leverage technology across multiple categories to increase traffic and average check while minimizing expenses. With Omnivore, restaurants make these critical connections: 

Connecting Technology

Vetting. Leverage our Marketplace to align app solutions in an unbiased way to your map. Omnivore offers digital solutions for every aspect of restaurant operations:

  • Back of House (data, analytics, labor management, inventory management)
  • Front of House (pay at table, kiosk, digital menu, guest engagement)
  • Outside the House (online ordering, loyalty/CRM, third-party delivery, reservations/table management)

Connecting Point of Sale

Integrating. Leverage their Universal API to integrate solutions to your POS while minimizing expenses & maximizing data.

  • Universal—One integration works across all supported POS systems
  • Real-Time—Access to orders and punches the instant they happen
  • Read & Transact—Submit orders, make payments and schedule employees for shifts

Learn more about Omnivore and the Performance Foodservice Marketplace.

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