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Market Trends

Check our market reports for news and trends on market conditions along with a weekly snapshot of the fresh produce market. These reports are updated weekly, 50 times a year. 

  • MT 5 31 19

    Market Trends 5/31/19

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    Watermelon prices are easing and domestic and Mexican supplies are abundant. The quality is very good and the fruit is juicy and bright red. Sugar levels are increasing.

  • MT 5-24-19

    Market Trends 5/24/19

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    Blueberry prices are low; supplies are abundant. Fruit is shipping out of California, Central Florida, and Georgia. Quality is very good: fruit is plump and juicy. Sugar levels range from 12 to 16 Brix.

  • MT 5-17-19

    Market Trends 5/17/19

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    The cheese markets continue to trend higher and demand is healthy. In March, U.S. cheese production was 11% more than February but was .7% smaller than the previous year. The cheese markets could still rise in the near term, but former price resistance has occurred near $1.750.

  • MT 5-10-19

    Market Trends 5/10/19

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    The canned tomato markets remain firm. The USDS predicts tomato processing in California to reach 12.1 million tons, a 2.5% increase over last year and the biggest increase since 2016.

  • MT 5-3-19

    Market Trends 5/3/19

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    Beef demand continues to be respectable. Retail beef prices during March were up .8% from February, were 1.2% costlier than a year ago and the highest for the month since 2016. Springtime grilling activity will pick up soon which typically supports the various beef trim markets.

  • MT 4 26 19

    Market Trends 4/26/19

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    Banana supplies have transitioned back to “normal” with on-time vessels and arrivals from the tropics. Fruit quality remains good with no real changes in the short term.

  • MT 4 19 19

    Market Trends 4/19/19

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    Chicken breast prices are on the rise, up sharply from early March. Further price gains may be tough to come by due mostly to larger chicken production expected this spring and summer.

  • MT 4-12-19

    Market Trends 4/12/19

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    The pineapple market is slightly higher than last week. Stocks are sufficient, but demand is increasing due to the upcoming Easter holiday. Quality is very good: fruit is juicy and tangy. Sugar levels range from 13 to 16 Brix.

  • MT_4-5-19

    Market Trends 3/29/19

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    The blueberry market is starting to rise. The California season will reach its peak by mid-April; Mexican stocks have already started to decrease. The South American season is ending. Overall quality is very good.

  • MT 3-29-19

    Market Trends 3/29/19

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    Heavy rainfall and snow melt have flooded notable portions of the western grain belt. Concerns are building that the planting season for grains could be further delayed. Although there is a lack of correlation between crop yields and planting timing, delays should shift some acreage out of corn. The grain markets could firm this spring.