Protect Your business from pests and the pandemic

With sanitation and safety more important than ever, DMS provides Performance Foodservice restaurant operators the most effective and affordable solutions for both combating the coronavirus and eliminating fruit flies.

Our Coronavirus Protection Service, headed by a Certified Covid-19 Disinfection Manager, consists of an EPA certified and tested disinfectant for killing the virus dispersed by highly trained technicians operating sophisticated equipment. The process, which is safe for people, pets, and the environment, sanitizes from floor to ceiling. This is the most robust approach for defending your facility. There's just too much at stake not to rely on the experts!

Features Include:

  • Products which are proven to kill the virus providing a necessary safeguard for your business
  • Experience sanitizing hundreds of businesses across the country (Fortune 500 companies, restaurants, breweries, distilleries, supermarkets, auto dealerships, nursing homes, schools, daycares, golf clubs, gyms, and park district facilities)
  • Specialized technique and disinfectant for properly sanitizing hard surfaces, soft surfaces, furniture, electronics, and kitchen appliances
  • No odor, no residue
  • Rooms safe to re-enter five minutes after decontamination
  • Crews available around the clock, including nights and weekend, skilled handling positive cases and preventing outbreaks

Benefits Include:

  • Special pricing including 10% off for all Performance Foodservice customers
  • A certificate of sanitation to verify the establishment is safe
  • An extremely low risk environment

Our Fruit Fly Prevention Service does what exterminators cannot do... eliminates and prevents fruit flies from ever returning. Our secret - we remove the pests' breeding environment. Using only organic, non-insecticidal products, our Patented Deep Drain Cleaning Service consists of a 200 degree steam and clean that dissolves grease and oil in your drains where the fruit flies live.

Features include:

  • Eliminating fruit flies
  • Eradicating bad odors
  • Maintaining a safer environment
  • Prohibiting other pests like cockroaches from entering the building through the drains
  • Saving you money on plumbing by removing blockages and stress on the drains

Benefits include

  • Special pricing including 10% off for all Performance Foodservice customers
  • Fruit fly-free environment
  • Monthly routine check-ins to ensure our standards are always being met

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