Meat alternatives have become a fabric of foodservice - no longer a trend.

Origin StoryThe pandemic has been rough on everyone, but for me, one of the benefits has been being able to cook with my daughter, a college student taking classes virtually at home. She has been my taste tester and the best possible sous chef I could have.

Recently, she helped me test a plant-based burger from Green Origin™, an exciting new line of plant-based protein items from Performance Foodservice. We went with a Hawaiian burger recipe, and I was impressed that the patty maintained its 4 oz. size and held in its juicy moisture, unlike so many frozen beef burger options. The familiar smell of delicious, sizzling burgers began filling the kitchen.

A beautiful caramelization started to form on top with a perfect crust. This not only provides visual appeal but texture and flavor as well. I seasoned the burger simply with ground black pepper and finished with sea salt after removing it from the pan to enhance its natural flavors. Next was the fork test — how chefs gauge the tenderness of a burger. I took the side of the fork and pressed it lightly into the cooked meat. It gently broke the surface, releasing juice onto the plate.

The burger certainly looked juicy and tender, but it was time for my vegetarian daughter to render her verdict. In a blissed-out state, she talked about how tender and flavorful the burger was. In her words, “This is awesome, the best one I’ve had.”

So, if you don’t want to take the word of a professional chef, trust the culinary delight of a vegetarian college student. Green Origin burgers are fire.

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