Finger foods provide you with pandemic possibilities.

Finger foods. Handhelds. Snacks. Apps. These fan-favorite foods take on many monikers, but they all come with a certain tastiness and presentation customers have come to expect on modern menus.

And there’s good reason for it: people love ‘em! Whether it’s a couple’s night out or a small group of friends gathering at home for the big game, these menu items come in handy, even in a pandemic. As people share space on divided patios and in igloos, they look for easy bites. Be prepared with the latest finger food ideas, no matter your menu concept or cuisine. The question is: where to start? Here are a few ways to look at them for your menu:


Committed eaters respond to the creative flash that finger foods give menus. There’s a certain pop when a customer “hasn’t seen that before!” at the front of a menu. Also, increase profit margins with these creative options since consumers are willing to pay for creativity and pizazz.

Consider twists on traditional bar-style sandwiches, such as adding seafood or other delicious ingredients to cheese steaks. Combining shrimp with sliced beef, cheese, spicy seasoning, and creamy dressing brings a whole new meaning to special. They ain’t never seen anything like that in Philly. Or make traditional menu items like salads into more exciting flavorful treats. Give mozzarella or burrata cheese rounds the star treatment on top of fresh, tangy veggie concoctions.


Dishes sometimes only fit certain occasions. But don’t let them. If your menu aligns with a certain cuisine or concept, try different finger food options that stand out and stay true to your menu. Also, consider regionality, especially with gameday options.

For example, if you’re an Asian or Asian-fusion concept — or want to add some of this inspiration into your menu— consider dumplings or creative potstickers. For another option, take classic chicken wings and add some international seasoning. Spice is always nice.


There’s a groundswell eating trend of customers ordering a selection of smaller items rather than simply one sizable entrée. And operators are noticing. It’s all about convenience. Maybe customers want to eat light. Maybe they want to share. Maybe they just want to try a bunch of items instead of one dish. Whatever the reason, it’s best to bolster your finger food options to give them some variety. Appetizers have great profit margins as well.

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