Cutting down on costs is always a top priority. Using condiments to create specialty sauces, or as a base to elevate dishes, can help you to do just that without sacrificing quality or flavor.

It’s no secret consumers crave and are even staunchly loyal to certain condiments. If you polled your guests on their favorite BBQ sauce, if they prefer ranch or blue cheese with wings, or if ketchup has a place on a hot dog, a lively debate would definitely ensue. Getting crafty with condiments in the kitchen can not only transform your dishes in a unique and cost-effective way but can pique the interest of patrons looking for a fresh take on their favorite foods. Along with elevating your menu, sauces and condiments can help you generate more revenue. Guests are often willing to pay extra for unique and premium toppings.

Hip to Dip

What are snacks and shareables without dips and flavorful sauces? It’s an experience diners love, the entire table can enjoy it while they wait for their entrees, and you can boost check averages. Keep it simple with crispy fries and a trio of sauces for your happy hour and LTO menus. Aioli is a popular choice for dips for younger patrons, so use KRAFT® Deluxe Mayo as your base and infuse flavors like garlic, black truffle, or chipotle to create a variety of dips that can be served not only with fries, but kabobs, grilled veggies, and other shareables.

Sandwiches Get Saucy

Sandwich LTOs resonate well with consumers, representing 10% of all LTOs. They are a blank canvas, and you are the artist. Spicy and creamy flavors are gaining traction on sandwich menus, so tap into the trend by combining HEINZ® Mustard and horseradish to add a spicy, tangy bite to roast beef sandwiches, or a raspberry chutney and mustard for a creamy and slightly sweet topping for roasted turkey sandwiches.

Better Burgers & BBQ

According to Datassential, nearly 80% of consumers love ketchup — making it the favorite condiment in the country. It’s a perfect, cost-effective base for BBQ sauce or spread for burgers and barbecue. Kick your BBQ sandwiches or ribs up a notch by combining HEINZ® Ketchup with fresh blueberries and maple syrup for a blueberry BBQ sauce that guests won’t be able to resist.

And while classic ketchup will never go out of style as a burger topping, it’s not the only sauce on the shelf. With 43% of consumers interested in trying new condiment flavors on burgers, there’s a lot of room to play. Use it as the base to combine with gochujang for an Asian-inspired spread with an edamame and shiitake mushroom plant-based burger or start with KRAFT® Deluxe Mayo and some fresh Peak® Jalapenos to create a roasted jalapeno remoulade that takes a burger from ordinary to extraordinary

Kickin’ Chicken

Spicy maple made Datassential’s top 10 flavor trends expected to make a splash this year. Combine with BBQ sauce to make your chicken wings soar and for a new take on the hot honey trend. Yuzu also made the list for one of the top flavors of this year, so marrying it with mustard for a grilled chicken marinade or a unique spread to slather on a fried chicken sandwich is guaranteed to get customers clucking.

Take Tacos Up a Notch

Mango habanero, wasabi, and garlic lime are among the fastest-growing sauces on Mexican menus. Working these into tacos, dips for tortilla chips, or as a dressing for a taco salad can elevate these dishes and help you stand out from competition serving similar dishes. Diners are looking for more unique flavor profiles, so don’t be afraid to mix different flavor profiles together or experiment with ingredients already in your pantry. It’s cost-effective, fun, and can land LTOS on your permanent menu!

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