Bacio® Chicken Parm Pizza


  1. In a robocoupe, grind chicken thighs, chicken tenders, grated parmesan, dry basil, salt, and pepper to taste.
  2. Apply cooking spray on a sheet pan with parchment paper. Add 2 / 11 oz. chicken balls onto each sheet pan, give room for them to flatten thin. Apply more cooking spray to the top of each chicken ball, add another parchment paper, then flatten with a top sheet pan and applied pressure. Repeat these steps until you make 5 chicken crusts.
  3. Place your crusts into the freezer to firm up. Once frozen, prepare for standard breading procedure.
  4. Add breaded crusts to a deep fryer set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once crusts set up, remove from fryer, then top each with 4 oz. Piancone Epicureo pizza sauce and 5 oz. Bacio cheese.
  5. Finish on a screen in the oven until crust becomes crispy and cheese has achieved blistering.
  6. Garnish with three fresh basil leaves and Piancone unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.


  • 30 oz Bacio® LMWM Block, shredded
  • 20 oz Piancone Epicureo® Pizza Sauce
  • 2 lb West Creek® Chicken, Thigh(s), Boneless Skinless
  • 1 1/2 lbs West Creek® Chicken, Breast(s)
  • 2 oz Roma® Cheese, Parmesan, grated
  • 2 g Roma® Basil, Dry
  • 15 leaves Peak Fresh Produce® Basil
  • 14 oz Roma® H&R Flour
  • 16 oz Natures Best Dairy® Liquid Eggs
  • 16 oz Roma® Italian breadcrumbs, seasoned
  • Piancone® Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered, for garnish
  • West Creek® Pan Coating Aero, to coat
  • salt and pepper, to taste