The pandemic ushered in a new era of technology for the restaurant industry. Digital solutions continue to shape the restaurant experience and leveraging the latest tech trends can help boost sales, save on costs, and improve efficiency.

Smart Staffing

Scheduling is one of the most time-consuming and tedious aspects of restaurant management. Fortunately, scheduling software can make the task more manageable, with real-time updates on availability and needs from employees and their employers in a mobile-friendly format. Performance Foodservice One Source partner, HotSchedules powered by Fourth, can help employers manage schedules, update teams, and pay staff easily.

Reservations 2.0

Online reservations became a necessity in the wake of the pandemic. And according to a recent study, 47% of restaurant consumers said that making reservations online is easier than making restaurant reservations in other ways, and 44% said they are more likely to make restaurant reservations if they have the option to do so online. By automating reservations, you can not only increase efficiency and decrease chances of overbooking but serve as a safety net if you’re short-staffed.

Now, as guests are returning to restaurants in greater numbers, some are choosing to dine without reservations, shifting the need to digital waitlists. Online waitlists allow guests to check in and see wait times online, which discourages crowded waiting areas and keeps guests more comfortable until their tables are ready.

Code it Up

QR menus rose in popularity during the pandemic, and they still demonstrate staying power. By providing a contactless experience, these menus are more efficient than printed menus by far. One Source Solution Partner BrandMuscle offers tools that can help operators manage QR menus, upload unlimited digital menus and QR code scans, and see how often your menu is viewed.

Enter AI

AI technology has been making its way into the restaurant industry, and one of the best uses of this technology is in order taking – improving accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Other automated ordering experiences, such as kiosk ordering, are popular for fast casual concepts, and online ordering has become more popular in recent months as guests have gotten an even better hang of ordering online for takeout and delivery.

One Source partner, Bear Robotics’, automated server, Servi, can take orders and bus tables, eliminating repetitive work for more seasoned staff and leading to a more pleasant experience for customers.

These methods allow operators to consistently upsell items, and they can be programmed to recognize guests and offer personalized recommendations for new menu items.


Geofencing refers to using GPS data to track the movement of customers near your establishment, and it can be incredibly useful for fulfilling online orders. When customers using a restaurant’s app enter a certain range, the app can alert the restaurant to begin preparing their order, reducing wait times and improving efficiency. These geofencing alerts can include special offers and promotions that are sent to users’ phones when they’re in a specific area, creating another layer of communication between the brand and the consumer.

Handheld POS Systems

The POS system is on the move. Now, servers may be equipped with handheld POS devices that allow them to take orders, deliver a ‘check,’ and respond more nimbly to the needs of their guests. TouchBistro offers this functionality and a range of other services, including bill splitting, gift card sales, and other services that improve the guest experience.

Inventory Management Software

Keeping track of inventory is a constant essential task for restaurants. Fortunately, there are some reliable cloud-based solutions, such as MarketMan, which lets restaurants track inventory, improve recipe costing and menu building, and analyze up-to-the-minute reports. It can also help reduce food waste. These tools, paired with online product ordering, can help reduce hours of labor and improve efficiency throughout a restaurant.

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