It started with wine and beer flights, and now the tasting trend has spilled over into mini desserts, breakfast, snacks, and coffee. Energize sales and pour some creativity into your menu with coffee flights that can work across all dayparts.

Coffee Classics

A recent survey found that nearly 50% of respondents said they would be interested in trying a coffee flight. If you’re new to it, stick with the classics to see if it could take off with your customers. Start with showcasing different brewing methods, a trio of your house roasts, or partnering with a roaster to serve up a selection of blends. Guests can customize on their own or serve up common creamer favorites such as caramel macchiato or Coffee mate® French Vanilla to ramp up interest in your new LTO.

Stir in the Season

Seasonal menu items tend to sell well. Let consumers indulge in the flavors of the season by adding some of that to your coffee flights. Lavender, green matcha, rosewater, and butterfly pea flower lattes can help win over the younger demographic. With spring and summer coming, iced coffee flights can intrigue those who need that morning or afternoon jolt. If you still have some winter inventory to use up, consider infusing ingredients such as brown sugar, cinnamon, maple, or mint into syrups for a “Winter Takes Flight” offering to win over those who might not be ready to switch to iced coffee just yet.

Cold Story, Bro

Cold brew coffee is popping up more and more on menus and has even made its way into main entrees, beverages, and desserts. Offer three varieties for your flight, including barrel-aged, and sweeten ‘em up with whipped cream, flavored creamers like Coffee mate Hazelnut or syrups, and spices for garnish. Looking for a delicious small bite pairing? Serve them alongside Cold Brew Donuts with Nestlé® Toll House® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels.

A Flight Around the World

Tasting coffee drinks that are popular in different parts of the world is always fun for diners. They get to try something they might otherwise never have, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with your customers and educate them on your offerings. Vietnamese coffee, built on cold brew coffee sweetened with condensed milk, a dash of mint syrup, and sprinkle of cinnamon, is an excellent choice. Pump up the flavor with Turkish coffee, South Korea’s Instagram-viral beverage, Dalgona coffee, along with Spain’s cortado or horchata for a tasty, diverse flight.

Include little cards with country of origin, tasting notes, and interesting tidbits about the coffee for a special touch and to create an immersive experience for your guests. With Performance Foodservice’s exclusive Coda Coffee brand, you can serve different blends based on a variety of regions from Honduras to Columbia to Ethiopia for customers who like their cup of java authentic but without the extra additions.

Boozy Beans

The coffee/cocktail combo has been shining brightly ever since the espresso martini returned with a mission to take over social feeds and menus. Whether it’s an after-dinner drink, nightcap, or providing a morning energy boost, the combo is here to stay. Take advantage of the demand for boozy coffee beverages with a flight of different variations, including the classic Irish coffee, a spin on the espresso martini, White Russian, or even just simple bourbon and your house blend.

Dessert in a Mug

More decadent coffee flights are trending, as well. Dessert coffee flights can work for morning, late night, or post-brunch. Get creative with flavors like s’mores, popular breakfast cereals, carrot cake, cookie dough, and cinnamon bun. Since these are already super sweet, having a simple, yet delicious creamer, such as Coffee mate Original, can balance it out. Make these mouthwatering flights pop on social media by serving them in cute glasses with fun toppings and offer as LTOs to entice customers to get them before they’re gone.

**Content provided in collaboration with Nestle Professional®.

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